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Battery Axxessories manufactures specialized battery connectors and chargers for portable power applications

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Battery Axxessories Military Batteries, Chargers and Power Adaptors

Battery Axxessories designs and produces rugged batteries, chargers, and adaptors, for use in harsh, demanding, and tactical environments. The company is an approved supplier to DOD, NATO, the U.K. Ministry of Defense, and many other government authorities the world over.

We have considerable experience and expertise in electrical, mechanical, and design engineering, and leverage the same to develop rapid design and cost-effective manufacturing solutions. We work with clients to offer the right solution for their unique mission-critical applications.

Our range of products extends to a vast and diverse range of devices.

The company designs and manufactures
• Man-portable equipment
• Communications equipment
• Locating and transmitting devices
• Remote Sensing equipment
• Unmanned Systems
• Surveillance equipment
• On-board vehicle systems
• Mobile data systems
• Backup power for electronic systems

A key focus of the company is the latest MBITR Radio Systems. Battery Axxessories designs and manufactures a broad range of devices, including AN/PCR-148, MBITR Batteries, MBITR Chargers and MBITR Adapters. The power adapters on offer include lightweight NATO Slave plugs, -XX90 plugs and sockets. The specialized batteries being produced include BB590, BB390, Rockwell PLGR, Clansman, Thermal Imager, Chemical Agent Monitor, Javelin, Clansman Radio, Small Light Weight GPS, PLGR96, Radio Communications, MBITR, JEM, Personal Locator Beacon, Special Forces, Night Vision Goggles, Memory Back up, hand held radio, Night Vision Goggles, HARRIS FALCON II, SINCGARS, cheethNet, TW-220, WildCat11, TW-130, cub, TW-400, Trellisware radio, Thales radio, Rockwell Collins, Racal, Storno, JAGUAR, Panther, Cougar, Cougar net, THOMSON, and SYNCAL 2000.

Battery Axxessories utilizes the services of design and development consultants with global expertise, and have MILSPEC manufacturing partners to offer customized battery solutions to clients. The product on offer would ensure the client’s operational success every single mission.

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