MP5466 with 1 M lead and Int plgs.web 200 x 184

AC-Powered BA5590 In-Line Socket, 12 Volts DC

  • MP5466-4M
  • DC outpt. 12 volts at 2.5Amps
  • DC out Socket BB590 US Army SC-C-179495
  • Lead Length 4M
  • AC input 11-230 Volts Ac
  • International Plugs for AC Power Supply.

Multipower Part Number


DC output

12 Volts DC at 2.5Amps

Output Connector.

Socket BB590, BB390,m BB2590 US Army -C-179495

Cable length

4 M Black, flexible

Temperature Range

Operate -10c to + 50c

AC Input

96-230 Volts AC 50 – 60Hz.

AC input plugs

Interchangeable International Plugs for AC power Supply.


120mm x 50 mm x 60mm + ;lead